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About Beachams Clock Company and a list of clock awards and Beacham Clock Company history
Clock Making
Interior of Beacham's Clock Co. Showroom
C.E. (Ed) Beacham III, now in his late 50's, started in 1965 making his first clock in high school wood shop. 2005 marks 40 years in the trade for this old world craftsman.
He starts with a design concept, computes a gear train for a desired pendulum length and lays out the pivot locations using the latest of CAD-CAM technology. Special care is taken in the design to assure that the gear to pinion profile, ratio, and finish be as smooth running as possible to reduce the amount of weight required to run the clock. He uses high leaded brass for the plates and gears and 416 Stainless Steel for pinions and arbor stock. His current project is a multi-dial calendar clock. The outside ring is the complete calendar for
the year. The inner ring is the time dial. In the upperpart of the center is the AM-PM day of the week and moon's age. The lower center of the dial gives the Sunrise and Sunset for the 45th latitudes by the week for the year. This clock movement also strikes the hour and half-hour on a deep toned gong.

Beacham's Wagon in a Sister's Parade

Case Making
Woodworking is the creative, fun part. Using beautiful walnuts, Brazilian rosewood, fiddle back maple, cherry, mahogany and oak, each piece is hand picked. Many exotic burl veneers are used for accents. Each case is assigned the same matching number as the clock movement. The cases are lacquered and hand rubbed like a fine piano finish to a beautiful shine. Beveled or painted glass usually completes the finished clock.

Shameless Self-Promotion
Bell Nest Clock. A 9 bell Kieninger movement, porcelain dial with scenes, a perpetual calendar. This was an original case design. Gold Medal winner at the 1991 National NAWCC Convention
Since 1987 Ed has been awarded 11 first place ribbons, 2 second places, l third place, 6 Gold medals, l Silver medal, and l Bronze medal in International Clockmaking Competitions.
In February of 1995, his now famous Skeletonized Miniature Lantern Vienna, won a First place trophy in “Authentic Reproductions” in the prestigious Jewelers Associations Competition at the Javits Center in New York. The Beacham’s entry was the only American made piece in that category; all the others were made in Europe or the Orient.
At the 2003 Convention of the National Association for Watch and Clock Collectors, Ed was presented the prestigious Dana Blackwell Award for Excellence in Clockmaking. This award is given to the few clockmaking craftsmen, who have distinguished themselves over many years with national and international awards and have sustained an excellence in the clockmaking craft.
Each clock that Ed has produced, beginning with #1, has been signed C.E.Beacham lll, dated and numbered. As of November 2004, he has produced 663 clocks. These clocks are found in fine collections and elegant homes from Europe to the Orient and from New York to California, from Washington to Florida. The Beacham’s Clock Company customer list reads like a “Who’s who” – from Industrial Entrepreneur, College Professors, Major Business owners and CEO’s to Hollywood stars.

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